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Committee for a Prosperous Florida is a private, not-for-profit committee comprised of a variety of individuals, business interest, and public officials established to promote an economical future for Florida and to promote the development of responsible tax and financial policies. To achieve these purposes, the Committee is empowered, subject to applicable state law, to solicit and accept voluntary contributions, to expend such contributions to further the support and election of candidates for elective public office in Florida whose views, voting records, or positions indicate a favorable orientation toward some or all of these purposes, and to do such other things consistent with the foregoing and with Florida law. The Committee is also empowered to make contributions, within limits approved by Florida law, to political committees supporting candidates or issues in the State of Florida.

The Committee was established in 2013 by Jeff Clemens from Lake Worth. All of its contributions and expenditures are accessible by the public via this website.

Committee for a Prosperous Florida PC
120 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301